"Free Offers from Freeze.com" Virus

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Hello experts

I just bought a new laptop. Sadly today I just noticed there are some weird, suspicious shortcut files on my desktop named "Free Whales Screensaver", Free Dolphins Screensaver, etc. They are located at C:\Program Files\Free Offers From Freeze.com folder.

Anyone has any experience facing this kinda virus/malware/spyware? Are they dangerous?

When I google I found this blog with the Freeze removal utility. The link is Remove My.Freeze.com Toolbar ( Manual Removal Process ) | SpywareRemovalBlog.com

Can I trust this blog?

I am currently using McAfee Security Center antivirus, given 3 years free by Dell when I purchased. Is it strong enough? Or should i go for Kaspersky?

Hope somebody can help.


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    I dont know about that i was in a similar situation and the removal tool was from the person who infected my computer.

    download and Use Malwarebytes it should take it away

    If you want to do it manually
    Step 2First thing to do is to follow the provided uninstaller.
    1. Go to your start menu and click control panel
    2. In Programs and Features (in Vista) or Add/Remove Programs (in XP) find all of the freeze items, such as the screensaver, toolbar, and net assistant and run the uninstaller for them.

    Step 3Next we should delete the remaining folders as the uninstaller does not get them all.
    1. Reboot the PC.
    2. Go to C:\Program Files and delete all of the Freeze folders.
    3. Also delete the folder called "YourScreen"

    Step 4Registry Entries
    1. Press WIN+R to bring up the run prompt (WIN is the windows logo between CTRL and ALT)
    2. type regedit and press enter.
    3. In Registry Editor, go to Edit > Find and type in freeze.
    4. Delete any folder that comes up and appears as a My Freeze folder. 5. Use F3 to search again and repeat 4.

    If it says a process is running Go to task manager CTRL+ALT+DEL and try to find the myfreeze process and terminate it then do the uninstall

    Got some of this from YahooAnswers

    Hope it helps matey
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    Try avoiding websites with pop ups. They usually spam around and release scripts that inject everywhere they can!

    I think you need to manually delete all unwanted injected files in your computer. Then change the settings of your browser and then disable the pop-ups.

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