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This was on the main page of Yahoo today and reading it has made me think of the IM industry.

That are reasons why some high earners prefer to stay anonymous than to be too well known (a guru). What do you think?

8-year-old guitar wiz has reason to play the blues - Yahoo! News
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    This is the same reason we don't expose our hands, jealousy.

    I had it happen to me a few years back when I dominated a mortgage market with good SEO and got turned in for being a spam site, my site kept on coming up no matter what they did.

    Then finally I just got that domain banned, nothing black hat just good SEO.

    Sad this world runs this way.

    Many times the thiefs get away with it, just like the guy who had all the backlinks for laws sues and dominated a competitive site with all those links.


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      Originally Posted by sparrow View Post

      Sad this world runs this way.


      Yeah..why? Perhaps that's human nature.

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