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I'm in the process of setting up a paid members forum but I'm having a bit of technical difficulty. Basically, after my customers opt to purchase the monthly membership package I want a username and password automatically emailed to them. Or at least a link to a form they can fill out and set up themselves. It needs to be completely automated.

I will probably end up going with vBulletin as the forum CMS. I just need a way to make it easy for them to purchase through ClickBank (recurring billing).

Any ideas to make this process easier would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Anyone at all?
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    Amember is the only option I'm aware of Matt for Vbulletin and Clickbank integration.
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    Other options to consider:

    Wordpress + Wishlist Member + Forum (protected member page, $35/yr)
    Wordpress + Wishlist Member + Mingle Forum Plugin
    Wordpress + Wishlist Member + SimplePress Forum Plugin
    LoginFrequencyMarketing + PHPBB (integrated already)
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    Check out

    They already have an automated email confirmation sign up process and last time I visited my control panel there they were getting ready to implement a members monthly sub service.

    Right now I do it with PayPal, however, I will switch to their sub service as a gateway if it still uses PayPal.

    George Wright
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    Although it is my competition I highly suggest you seriously look at LFM and PHPBB combination. LFM has had full integration with PHPBB for several years and from what I have seen it works flawlessly.
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    Originally Posted by Matt MacPherson View Post

    I will probably end up going with vBulletin as the forum CMS. I just need a way to make it easy for them to purchase through ClickBank (recurring billing).
    Digital Access Pass 3.9 will do this... but you'd have to wait for DAP 3.9 to come out.

    Is there some reason you don't want to use vBulletin's integrated membership payments?
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    You could have a custom IPN script made that creates accounts based on order details and cancels/deletes them when billing stopped. It shouldn't cost more than a couple hundred bucks.

    You could also use one of the free Wordpress membership plugins with simple-press.

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    You can try Amembers and Delavo , they have plugin that can be use together with vBulletin, so if some one buy using amember or Delavo they will automatically added to the vBulletin user database.
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    I looked in to this a few years back as I wanted parts of the forum accessible and parts locked.

    As far as I can remember Simple Machines Forum (SMF) version 2 has a built in membership feature although I think v2 may still be in Beta mode.

    Still, might be worth checking out as it's free

    Home of SMF: Free PHP and MySQL forum software
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    Hi Matt,

    If you like, you can just paste DLGuard membership code at the very top of your forum's header file.

    DLGuard will then control access to the whole forum. If someone tries to access it, DLGuard will display a login page.

    Or if you want to actually add the customer to your forum database, you can use DLGuard's "Custom Script" feature.

    When a sale happens, DLGuard will pass the customer's sales details to your script your developer is creating, and the script can then create the account in your forum software.

    So there's two ways of doing this.

    You can use your existing DLGuard install to do all of this - it's a LOT more flexible with membership areas than a lot of people realise

    While some people see DLGuard's membership feature as "basic", it's actually designed this way to give you, the user, the most flexability possible. And this flexability is what gives DLGuard's membership feature a serious amount of grunt power.

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    Hey guys, just FYI...

    DAP now integrates with vBulletin (since 3.9, which has been out for a couple of weeks now).

    And DAP already integrates with all WordPress-based forum plugins - like bbPress, Simpleress, etc.

    Someone said something about CB too earlier - DAP also integrates with ClickBank via normal post-based security as well as ClickBank INS (like Paypal's IPN), among other payment processors.

    Hope this helps.

    - Ravi Jayagopal

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