Turnkey websites - Success?

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Has anyone here had any success with Turnkey websites? If so, it would be good to hear your experience.

I have done a bit of research on this and read articles such as the one on Ezine so i know there's plenty of Turnkey scams around but on a positive note, people say if you buy a Turnkey website from a reputable company and you know what your doing they can be profitable.

The type of Turnkey website i was specifically thinking of are the one's selling ebooks at sites such as TurnkeyNation. They say you get 100% of the profit for each ebook so unlike being an affiliate through ClickBank where you only get around 50% or sometimes 75% of the profit.

Would this be a realistic goal?

- Buy 10 ebook Turnkey websites for $39.99 = Total cost $399.99
- Sell 5 ebooks per month on each website. If the ebook costs around $20 then that will be $100 per month revenue from each site and in total $1000 per month from all 10 websites.

On average that's only selling just over 1 ebook per week on each site.

Important things of course are;

a) Finding Niche's which aren't over saturated.
b) Promoting the websites in the right places so potential buyers of these ebooks will see your site.

Ideally the advertising should be free. Say for instance your selling an ebook on health, you could join a busy forum about health related topics then post a link to your website in your signature and post often on the forum with useful posts so there's a good chance people will checkout the site.

On the TurnkeyNation website they also say a banner ad can bring in $308.45 per month revenue and that is only for one site. Times that by 10 and that is over $3000 per month then add the $1000 from selling the ebooks and that is over $4000 per month revenue.

Is this just a pipe dream or am i missing something obvious out? All this is based on only selling just 5 ebooks per month from each website also.
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    It's practically impossible to make any prediction of sales. YMMV, but I've always had the experiecne that some stuff works and some stuff doesn't.

    Buy a site
    Set up Google PPC
    Drive 1,000 visitors and see if anyone buys
    If PPC is profitable, keep running it while you build organic rank.
    If you made no sales, abandon the site

    If you made even 1 sale, it might be worth your while to build up organic rank over time depending on the market. 1 sale per 1,000 doesn't sound like much, but if youi can end up getting 10,000 visitors a month organically, you'll come out well ahead.

    Now do this for every site. You don't have to do 1 at a time - do them in blocks of 5.

    Problem is it can be expensive to drive 1,000 visitors, but that's your cost for market research.
    I make $2,000 - $3,000 a month and YOU CAN TOO
    Get the exact methods I use in my No Joke Guides:
    How to Build Income Earning Websites
    Search Psychology and Keyword Brainstorming
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    It is no secret that most people who make money with turnkey websites do so by selling completed sites with domain to others rather than by keeping and running them. I somehow doubt that the eBooks would be of high quality. Your estimate for a banner ad is completely out, the site would have to have several thousand unique visitors a day in order for a banner to fetch that price.

    There is an eBook called "Turnkey Secrets Revealed" which you can probably download it for free now if you search around.


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    Without a lot of traffic you won't be selling banner ads to anyone, most likely. You can of course sell affiliate products and ebooks and build a list with turnkey sites. It all depends on what you do with the site. Let it sit and you won't profit. Fill them with good content and get traffic, and there's no reason why you can't make money with them.

    My customers do it all the time.
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      Be careful when buying anything that has the word "turnkey" in it. This is code for "it's so easy, even a blind monkey can do it!"

      If you choose to purchase these type of sites, realize that you're going to have to do some work on them to make the content absolutely unique. Plus, you'll need to do more work to promote each one.

      Are you prepared to do this?

      If not, then give it a pass.

      Focus+Smart Work+Persistence=Success

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        Originally Posted by Fun to Write View Post

        Be careful when buying anything that has the word "turnkey" in it. This is code for "it's so easy, even a blind monkey can do it!"

        If you choose to purchase these type of sites, realize that you're going to have to do some work on them to make the content absolutely unique. Plus, you'll need to do more work to promote each one.

        Are you prepared to do this?

        If not, then give it a pass.
        The only other option is to build them yourself, which is still a turnkey site or to spend a bunch of money buying sites that already have traffic and revenue. The word turnkey just means startup and some of them are very cheap and a very good way to get up and running quickly.

        Of course you have to do the work. You have to do the work for any site you own or it won't do anything for you.
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    It's tricky. It's really about how much money you can send -or how much time do get quality backlinks, and to rank up.

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    Stay away from TurnkeyNation if you want to have peace of mind. that all I could say.
    One bad point about turnkey website is the same website maybe sell to many people
    unless you change the content otherwise it will be a duplicate site to google and you will have problem in your SEO.
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    Turnkey sites can work for you and make you money provided you are very dedicated and are willing to put in the work required to make them a success
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    I'd suggest using turnkey sites that say they were sold to only a limited number of people. Think of them as the time-saving html equivalent of WP themes, where the basic design and coding has already been done for you, leaving you with supplying them with unique, good keywords and content for the same niche.
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    I`ve had success with buying some already working businesses. Not ebook selling websites but businesses done to the point where you can get the launch going. And what I can tell you is that those worked great for me.
    Want To Rank on The First Page of Google? Try This:
    - Strong Authority Articles on PBNope.Com and
    - SEO Diversification Package From Rankcol.Com
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