A Miracle has happened!

by Glenn Newsome 8 replies
Big Mike is in a joking mood today!

Ya'll better list here something you need or want from Big Mike, you just might get it.

Dang, the stars or planets must be aligned or something.

J/k around with you Mike

Edit: dang wrong forum section too.
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      Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

      Hehehehe...actually, I was just buried for the last week or so and catching up my own work from the time I spent on Michael Tracey's fundraiser. And every time I look at the report I'm working about it, I get a smile on

      And as part of that, I've reached a couple of really major major decisions on a few things business wise that have me in a great mood. Or maybe it's just the Amstel
      Well, you of course know I was just messing around with you. But, you do have a very good reason to be smiling and in a good mood. I know your recent fundraiser sure put a smile on many faces and fuzzy feeling in their hearts. Oh, crap, sniff sniff, tearing up here.

      Anyway, I hope the good feelings, smiles and the Amstel last forever for ya.
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    Big Mike, can you send me a check for $100,000 in return to a "THANKS" I will post here after I receive it?

    Just giving it a shot Glenn, you never know ... Miracles Happen !

    Raakesh (Blokh)
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  • ASk anything......ok....send me 1 Million bucks.....LOL...ok ok...maybe you're not in that good of a mood......but I can dream can't I?
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      Hi Big Mike,

      Just pray for our success & you'd be blessed....
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          Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

          When we go to mass in the morning I'll light a candle for all of you
          That will be more than enough.... thanks a lot!
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    Hi Big Mike!

    What's the best way to promote my affiliate program site?
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    Donate $100.00 to PETA.

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    Damn! Did I miss it?

    Is he back to being a grumpy old jarhead?

    I saw yesterday he was sharing a discount code for SocialBot 3.

    Maybe I'll get lucky.

    Dear Mr. BIG Mike,

    Please in my Christmas stocking I would very much like to find a bottle of Ouzo Giannatsi.

    You will find Amstel and pizza by the Christmas tree next to the egg nog and cookies.

    Your friend,


    P.S. - Please make sure Diego's reinllamas poop on the neighbors lawn, and not on mine.
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