Help needed - Don't know how to monetize site

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I have a problem - I don't know how to monetize this site: - Latvian site about diets, recepies, nutrition, e-cards.

Diets and Right Nutrition for You - English version with only 20% translated.

I have it since 2005.
It has many links pointing to it.
It is in Dmoz directory.
It has PR 4.

The biggest problem is that it is in Latvian language. Latvia is a small country - only ~2 million people. Internet marketing in Latvia is too slow to make any good money from it.

I started to translate it into English to make some money from Adsense but for some reason it made only few cents there.

Does anybody know how to make money from such website?
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    Have you tried Direct Advertising?

    There surly must be companies in Latvia which offer dieting products, nutritional suplements etc.

    You do not mention how many visitors do you get to your site, but you defenitly should try to get companies which are related to your site to advertise on it.

    You could also do affiliate products, I mean health reciepts, diets and so on are very popular.

    If all fails, then you could try and create a product yourself. Make an ebook in which you write about nutritions, receipts and so on, make it supplement the site etc.

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