Best anti-virus software?

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for recommendations for anti-virus software, the one I'm using is outdated.

I tested a few and they slowed down my PC beyond belief.

Any suggestions?

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    I used to use Nortons which I found very slow and not always that good.

    I have just switched to Kaspersky which is much better. I did a fair amount of research before and it seemed to come out well in reviews.

    I got it off Ebay for about £15

    Thanks Alan
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    The only time ive had a laptop completely free of viruses is when ive had norton on it but avg is supposed to be good
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      Hey guys,

      thanks for your suggestions, I'll check them out.

      I used a trial of ESET Smart Security and found it quite good but I for one of my PCs I lost connection to the network and ESET support was not able to help. Otherwise I would have bought it.

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      Originally Posted by optimum View Post

      I thought most comupters dont need software cause windows explorer has a in built security
      The quickest way to disaster known to man. No security and IE. Get with it man.
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      Originally Posted by optimum View Post

      I thought most comupters dont need software cause windows explorer has a in built security
      To quote a once GREAT Tennis player "You cannot be serious?"

      I've used AVG on XP system without an issue for quite a while now. Very happy with it.
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    I was using avg for years and it worked pretty well with one
    exceptional problem. However it does not work well with Vista.
    I had 2 serious problems that were both finally solved by
    uninstalling avg. One was difficulty logging in to my host, and
    the other was a drastic internet slowdown.

    Harvey Segal also mentioned that he had to get rid of it to
    solve a duplicate email problem in a thread just about 10 days
    ago. Everything changes and maybe its best days are over.

    I installed Avast instead, also free, and got rid of one minor
    annoying thing, and it has worked well for about a year now.

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      I have used AVG for over two years without a problem.

      Lloyd, I think Vista is the problem not AVG LOL

      I do know Norton is a resource hog and slows everything down.

      Charles E. White
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    AVAST for sure sh'ld be among the top 10. It updates automatically once you get connected to the 'net. Ever since i've started using it for both computer systems, it has been performing wonderfully. Olatunde.
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    Norton always seems to use up a ton of resources and sloooow down a system so I stay away from this. I have been using AVG for many years and have absolutely no problem with them. I use the free version and have a system with Windows XP.
    • Profile picture of the author Liquification
      My day job is a computer tech. If your looking for just Anti-virus go with Kaspersky. If you have Vista or want a full firewall and anti-virus go with Norton Internet Security. Stay away from norton 360, it's a resource hog.

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    I use Avast for quite a long time now. It's lightweight and updates regularly, works wonders for me. I have the professional version and it's worth it..
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    Nod32 freaking rules.....blows Norton and MacAfee right out of the water and isn't even 1/10th of the resource hog they are.

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    I definitely would go with Norton 360.

    Best Antivirus Protection - Online Backup - Norton 360 Version 2.0

    Great all in one solution and it protects you from adware, spyware, viruses, worms, etc. Also has a built in firewall and cleans the registry, runs degrags, does automatic backups, even has an identity theft function which I don't really use.

    It takes the Norton Security Suite to the next level.

    Pretty much a security, virus & maintenance all in one powerhouse and it's always protected me.

    I don't like having to have a virus software, a popup blocker, a spyware scanner, a seperate firewall, etc so 360 works great for me and allows me to forget about maintenance for the most part.

    It also covers 3 computers which is just right for my house so the per computer costs is very low and you get all the cool features.

    Definitely two thumbs up.

    Also, on AVG...

    An update for the AVG virus scanner released yesterday contained an incorrect virus signature, which led it to think user32.dll contained the Trojan Horses PSW.Banker4.APSA or Generic9TBN. AVG then recommended deleting this file; this causes the affected systems to either stop booting or go into a continuous reboot cycle. So far, the problem only appears to affect Windows XP, but there is no guarantee that other versions of Windows don’t have the same issue.

    I read several reports that people had to reinstall windows because of this, yikes!

    Good luck ya'll,
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  • Profile picture of the author kkchoon
    Definitely ESET NOD32!

    1. Fastest detection speed
    2. Less resources
    3. Doesn't interfere with application


    Highly recommended!

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    One more recommendation for NOD32

    I removed Mcafee and installed NOD32, what a difference! It feels like I added 2 gigs of RAM, Vista is so much faster now.
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    I'm a fan of AVG

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    I have been using a program called stopzilla. I think this is the best program available. If your computer gets attacked by a virus or spyware it automatically blocks it from causing any damage to your computer. It doesn't take up as much space as norton either. I would recommend this product to anybody. You can even get a 15 day trial for free.
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    besides anti virus software, what other software do I need for security?

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      Wow, just like when I went to CNET for users and professional critics review, no major consensus.

      Anyone used the new Viper????....last I checked, it was up at the top or top 3.

      Seems like no matter what anti-this software comes up, one person percieves a weakness in it and the other person percieves a strength.

      The problem with reviews, people seem to can't be 100% objective.

      I might LOVE peanut butter, mustard, pickles and turnip sandwiches, but I should have some empathic perception that this is not the norm and figure this is W-A-Y out to the average joe.

      True objectivity is a gold mine if you can find a good source.

      ConsumerReports graph style comparisons and surgical pluses and minuses as it relates to average users, critics and professional users seem, at least to me , to lead to pack.

      If there is a better or equal source, please don't hold back.

      If I can find a very cheap way to get there mags, I may just do that.

      The 13 th Warrior
    • Profile picture of the author Spike SpiegelIM
      Originally Posted by Teo View Post

      besides anti virus software, what other software do I need for security?
      You might wanna invest on a good Anti Spyware / Malware software. And get some security plugins for your net browser.
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      I've had nothing but problems with Norton, slow and unreliable.

      I like either AVG or Avast... plus its free.
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    I used Norton before, but then i change to AVG for my computer in the last 2 years, and it is easy and simple to use..definitely one of the great anti-virus.
    • Profile picture of the author Ralf Skirr
      Wow, lots of replies, thanks guys.

      Amazing how diverse your experiences are.
      It doesn't really get easier. :-)

      Maybe I check ESET again, if it hadn't disconnected one of my PCs from the network when testing I would have bought it a few months ago. What I liked is that it did not slow down my PC.

  • Profile picture of the author Matt MacPherson
    Kaspersky is great but don't forget about Nod32.

    In general, stay away from popular Anti-Virus programs like Norton and MCafee. The people who create viruses always test against the big names with the most market share.

    It's kind of like why Macs are "more secure". The market share for a Mac is much lower than that of a PC and thus virus coders don't bother. In short.

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    I work on computers every day and I have a few recommendations.

    With these five programs you have a great arsenal to protect your computer, which all Internet Marketers need to run their business.

    Anti-Virus: AVG Anti-Virus
    Spyware: Spybot Search & Destroy
    Adware: Ad-Aware
    Registry Cleaner: CCleaner
    Malware Remover: Malwarebytes

    Using these five programs are great for keeping your computer running fast and virus free. I use these four programs at work and home and have no problem with them and the best thing is they are all FREE to download and Use.

    You can safely download these through CNET, just do a google search and you will get their download site.

    Thomas W. Shay
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    Nod32 is best I think!
  • Profile picture of the author Rob Whisonant
    Hmmmmm... Best anti-virus software??? Switch your operating system to Linux.

    Works like a charm.

    Rob Whisonant
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      Avast is a good virus program been using for a couple years now
      and love it...

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      Difficult to say what's best. Can only tell you what I use myself. It's Panda Internet Security.

      I think it slows my PC down somewhat during startup, but feel that it run's ok after that. What I think is important is; I almost can't remember the last time I had a virus or malware problem.

      In my offline life I've been into IT support for about 25 years know, mostly for businesses. I also sell Panda solutions to my customers, but, don't misunderstand me, I'm not a big reseller and would have no problem switching both me and my customers away from Panda immediately if I didn't feel the solution performed the job it is supposed to.

      When some home user places a PC clogged up with all kinds of viruses and malware on my desk, asking if I could fix it, the tools I use for the job are as follows;

      * CCleaner
      * Ad-Aware
      * Spybot Search & Destroy
      * CWShredder
      * HijackThis
      * Pandas internet based scanner

      HijackThis can be a dangerous animal if you're not relatively professional. You have to take decisions about removing or not startup programs that it might be difficult to find out whether is legitimate and essential for your system or just dangerous crap.

      If the home user don't have some kind of antivirus software, and don't want to buy one, I usually install the free version of AVG.

      When it comes to Norton and McAfee solutions, I don't sell them. Maybe I'm just an old stubborn guy with experience.

      Oscar Toft

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