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i made this page in the mater of 20 minutes to break into the acne market please have a look and let me know your opinion. I have placed it on a irrelavant domain for the purpose of reviews only.


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    Hey... i think it was great!! I like the links to the other sales page and i think that is google friendly too...

    I'm new to IM. But just my humble opinion. Perhaps, the opening could be bold in RED cos it contrast with your background of black colour. making it more catchy.

    i read somewhere or was told that landing page usually have a opt in box.. perhaps you might want to consider that, though i did see opt in on the link.

    overall what else could be expected from a quick 20 minute. Great job!!

    Oh.. i also have my website in the dog niche at but fails to convert. Can anyone give some comment too..??

    Take care and best regards,
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    loook good to me ........

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