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hello i am a newbie in internet marketing and will like to get advise on how to start
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    Internet Marketing Center is the way to go for newbies. If you have some cash Sitesell.
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      Here's my contribution to your cause ... PM me and I will send you my Internet Marketing Reference Guide for free, which has 27 pages and over 140 Internet Marketing terms defined for you. Until you understand the acronyms/jargon, you'll likely be lost. That's a great place to start in my mind.

      Good luck,

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    IMHO, learn the business of marketing first. Get on every list of everyone. Stay on the ones you like, get off the ones you don't.

    Start compiling material on each aspect of your business...website building, hosting, A/R's, merchant accounts, product and most of all...learn how to drive traffic.

    Oh yeah. Whenever possible, get on free teleseminars like the one at: www.8WeeksAway.com

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