Seth Godin's take on Get Rich Quick

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Seth Godin just posted something that many - perhaps most - newbies (and others, no doubt) should read and heed:
Seth's Blog: Too good to be true (the overnight millionaire scam)

Maybe if more people took this to heart, we'd hear fewer complaints about crappy WSO's, not being able to make money online, etc.
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    well thanks for sharing this i am reading the blog right now.
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    I think each of us has to be very careful with where we draw the line.

    It's easy to get caught up in the "must make sales" mentality and over promise. On the other hand, we have to be careful to add some hype or our sales pages appear bland and lackluster.

    I think the trick is to use bold, strong words along with facts.
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    Seth is masterful. What's even better is he has created tools that will help people "make a million dollars" if they put in the time and effort.
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    Here are two parts I liked:

    " The harder someone tries to sell you this solution, the more certain you should be that it is a scam."

    I Bet he loves loooong sales pages that everyone uses...

    "Short version of my opinion: If someone offers to sell you the secret system, don't buy it. If you need to invest in a system before you use it, walk away. If you are promised big returns with no risk and little effort, you know the person is lying to you. Every time."

    I wonder if Seth has read "THE SECRET" book... lol
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    I can't argue with what he said, but I have a feeling that if the same words had been written by Seth Smith instead of Seth Godin, nobody would be talking about that post.

    Looking forward to his "Earth revolves around the sun" revelation.
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    I find it strange that people have an objection to getting rich quickly..

    Would you rather it be a long, painfully slow and drawn out process


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      You need to avoid negative people like Seth who're out to steal your dream. If you let the naysayers rule your life, the people who say you can't do it, you'll stay where you are, broke and miserable. Can we agree that negative people like him won't be important to you when you're relaxing with your family in the Caribbean with no debt to worry about?

      Now, let's talk about how we can get some more people in your organization.....
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    Somewhat good article though I have to disagree on the hard selling aspect of it.

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