I Used "Bad News" And It Kicked Ass

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I'm not a Frank Kern, buddy, affiliate, or anything.

Been alot of fuss about the video "bad news".

So of course I had to watch it. Half way through
I realized how powerful that simple concept was.

So to test it out I sent out an email to a segment
of my music production niche list.

So the email went out to 3495 prospects at 2am
this morning.

It's not 10:22am.

The results have been crazy. I won't give you
exact numbers until probably 2 days when everyone
stops opening. But in the 7 hours I have had 250 opens,
which believe me is ridiculous considering it's only morning and
most people haven't even checked their email.

Shouts to Frank!

PS. Stop using these techniques trying to peddle IM products
and what not.

This stuff works like crazy outside of MAKE MONEY NICHES.

Wake up and realize you can make a killing just using the techniques
these "guru's" you like to bash give away for free.

Anyways thanks Frank.

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  • Profile picture of the author Anna Johnson
    Hi Daniel, what is your regular open rate... and what was the open rate you got with your "bad news" subject line?
    • Profile picture of the author Steven Wagenheim
      Daniel, outside of the IM niche, this stuff is gold.

      Most people who are stuck in the "make money" rut don't realize this, which
      is why I have started branching out into other niches. My conversion rate
      is higher, my open rate is higher, my everything is higher but my income only
      because I'm just starting out. But if I had done this from the start 5 years
      ago, I'd be laughing to the bank even more so than I am now.

      You live and learn from your mistakes I guess.
    • Profile picture of the author Daniel E Taylor
      Originally Posted by Anna Johnson View Post

      Hi Daniel, what is your regular open rate... and what was the open rate you got with your "bad news" subject line?
      Well for this particular segment I mean it fluctuates email
      to email, but I guess it averages out around 10-11% open rate.

      The highest open rate I have thus far is 14.13%. But mind you
      this segment was actually 1k smaller.

      The next highest was 13.22%. Which actually was the email
      before this in which I used the headline "$firstname, in case you missed it".

      It proved to be pretty effective. But this bad news seems to be
      breaking all those records.

      we'll know in a few days. I'll be sure to report back with exact numbers.


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