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Hey all,

I'm Kian and new to the Forum. I was recommended to this Forum by one of my friend. Started IM about close to 2 months now... have yet to actively participate in any forum and hope to learn more from you guys.

Just some questions to get the best from this Forum. Do all participants search thru individual threads (ie. 25 lists of it!!!) and browse thru it or do we usually search only the thread that we are interested in? Is there anything like categorising it... so that I could navigate better around this Forum?? Hmm...:confused:

Can someone advise so that I could get the BEST out of it?

Many thanks and best regards,
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    Hello Kian,

    Welcome to the WF, you will love it here.

    To answer your question, It's up to you if you want to search through 25 lists of threads or just the ones that interest you.

    If you notice on your red navigation bar on the top, there is a search bar where you can use keywords to search a post.

    Hope that helps.
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    I can not speak for everyone in this regard, but I personally sift through the first few pages of the forum looking first for things that catch my eye.
    Then I go back and look for anything that looks like I might be able to help in the context of the thread's topic.
    Then, if I have time after all that and following up on hot topics, I sift back through the list again.

    Things here at the Warrior Forum move fast.

    If you think it's tough going through this many threads, realize that the Warrior Forum just underwent a substantial software change and started with zero posts on August 6, 2008. (The old forum is still available at The Warrior Forum )

    If you are looking for any particular kinds of help, you should look to the search functions here and on the old forum first.

    If you can't find what you're looking for, or it just isn't clear. Please feel free to ask questions. The better out explain what you need help with, of course, the better prepared most users will be to answer and generally the better the answers you will receive.

    Hope this helps,

    Scott Burton

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