where can I get XBOX 360 affiliate program?

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Where can I join as an affiliate to sell xbox 360 online?
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    Google "XBOX 360 affiliate" (with quotes).

    This should return 100 or more affiliate sites selling XBOX 360s.

    Visit the sites and look for links to affiliate (or associate) programs. Not all the sites will have them, but you only need one or two good affiliate programs.
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    You could join affiliate programs of larger stores that have it.
    For example Amazon.com.

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    Join the affiliate programs at Amazon, Wal-mart, Target, or any other Big Box retailer that you know carries the XBOX 360
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    try ebay affiliate program
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    Thanks guys!

    I usually jump ahead and post a question here because there is always a warrior who reveals extra information on subject


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    Gameonelectronics.com offers 10% commission for Xboxes sold.
    Great program, and pays within 1 week.
    Check out the affiliate program
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    Yes, clickbank has like 4-5 ebooks that deal with the RROD issue. I havent been doing to well with them either.
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    You can try LinkShare, they have the Microsoft Store there.

    Peace, Prosperity & Internet Marketing
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    Originally Posted by dbbrock1 View Post

    There is that one ebook that fixes the xbox 360 rrod error. I have been promoting it, but no sales after like 600+ hops so I dunno if it is any good.

    Maybe you can market it better than me.
    The main problem with those products is that the information is freely
    available on YouTube and elsewhere for the price of a simple Google

    Info products for the games market are a difficult one partly because
    there are so many games forums where filesharing and information
    sharing is so easy to access. And partly because the younger gamers
    simply don't have the money to spend.

    The best affiliate programs for games are those suggested above - such
    as Amazon, Ebay, Play.com, etc - Commission Junction have a number of
    good ones on their books and are simple to join.

    Price comparison is a good model for this market - since all products are
    essentially the same. But that can be time consuming trying to keep abreast
    of prices and offers. Naturally, there's always a good spike on the lead up
    to Xmas.

    If you can stand the pace, a good approach is to keep tabs on the new
    gaems coming out and target their traffic. And join a good games
    walkthrough affiliate program to link to the game as soon as one is
    available. Once the games have been on the market a few months
    alot of this info becomes more freely available through sharing, so it
    is something you have to get onto early.

    It's not always the obvious stuff in this market - I've hardly made any
    money on selling actual consoles, for example. But if you target accessories
    and product names it does add up: things like skins and headphones, etc.
    Search around the market nad you will realise there are some hot games
    related items which rarely get mentioned but searchers are very often

    Adsense is another consideration. The clicks aren't worth much but they
    do add up over time and a day doesn't go by without another couple of dollars
    from clicks on a games site of mine which I stopped doing much with a year
    or so ago.

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    You can't ignore Amazon, XBox360 hardware and games...
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    If possible try for affiliate programming for esources.co.uk You will surely get the best deals for XBOX 360.

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