How do I cloak my links in my Aweber email campaign?

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Good afternoon!

I am trying to figure out how to cloak my links in my autoresponder messages.

Example: If I'm an affiliate for '' I would want the link to appear as '' in the email but of course the link would show in the address bar as whatever affiliate link or redirect I choose.

I use Wordpress as my site platform so maybe there's a plugin that would handle this?

Also, I am looking for a free solution IF possible. I know there's stuff like Ninja Affiliate but don't want to spend $ right now if it can be avoided.


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    I use this free tool to hide affiliate links. It also helps when Google bots crawl your site if you have affiliate banners/links on there. Free HTML Tool - Profit Protector Affiliate Link Cloaker

    I think its what you may be looking for.

    This is good for wordpress and static sites and works simply and superbly.
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    Doesn't Aweber do it automatically? It seems to for me. It turns them all into links?!
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    If it's aweber (and, as far as I know, any other AR system) it will do it for you - no need for anything.
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    If you turn your click tracking on in your aweber account it will automatically track the link and cloak it for you. However it has been awhile since I have used aweber myself I have my own self hosted ar so I do not have to worry about paying more then the 50 a month I was already paying for there service.
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    Thanks everyone so much for your help!

    Regarding cloaking using Aweber, I was always under the impression that their cloaking looked a little ugly. Also, I wanted to be able to put the link within a sentence wording-wise but maybe I'll take a second look at this.

    Thanks again everyone!


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