* SECRET Keyword/Headline Research Tool Hidden in the new WF *

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I just came across this new gem and thought I would share to those who haven't found this amazing research tool right at our fingertips here in the New Warrior Forum!

You can now Sort Topics By # of Views, or, # of Comments. (the links are right above the 2 columns that show views/comments )

I just found this to be a hugely valuable feature, it clearly shows what topic Titles/Headlines have the most gravity to pull visitors in. Simple as that.

Hope you find this as useful as I see it is...

- Jared

P.S. I did a search before posting this, and didn't find any topics on this subject, so don't flame me if you already knew about this feature, I may have a mental disability for all you know... for that matter for all I know
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    O.K. so I'm dyslexic. Where exactly are these columns?

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      Originally Posted by Estelle T. Dunomes View Post

      O.K. so I'm dyslexic. Where exactly are these columns?

      You need to be within a forum, like the Main Discussion (not the homepage) and the columns are on the right hand side of your screen....

      Let me know if this helps you find them.

      - Jared

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