How would you make 2 grand in two to four weeks with no list?

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Hey guys, if it were you, how would you make a completely brand new startup internet business profitable or pulling in revenue in 2-4 weeks with no list? Just looking for brainstorm ideas at the moment.
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    You could create a list in that time that has the potential to bring in 2 grand a month.

    1. Create or find a PLR product that has giveaway rights

    2. Find a keyword targeted domain name and create squeeze page

    3. Sign up for a $1 aweber account to collect the emails from your squeeze page

    4. Giveaway product/report/ebook with email sign up

    5. Market to your list (give away helpful info and then every couple emails put a promotion in there such as an Affiliate product or a product you create.

    You could also only give away the first chapter of an Ebook and then sell the total ebook to the list and then continue to give them helpful stuff and promote more products.

    Its possible to have that in a month for sure.
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    I also want to say if you dont like the idea of creating a list you could do

    1. Articles (submit to Ezine and others after)

    2. Turn your articles into Videos using or use and read it yourself using software such as

    3. In the resource box put your website or if your going to use an affiliate link you could create a redirect to an affiliate offer. (I have had success doing this)

    It's not guaranteed you will make 2 grand doing that but if you take action and pick a method off of this forum you feel you could do then I know you will make money. '

    To Your Success

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    i didn't include every detail, but here is the jist of it:

    1. pick a medium-small to medium sized US city
    2. do some keyword research involving that city name and the words "real estate"
    3. pick a handful of long-tail keywords that have the lowest competition and highest search volume and purchase exact match domains for them
    4. do some research on existing real estate lead generation website and see what kind of information they are collecting
    5. create a squeeze pages collecting the same information
    6. throw some backlinks at them (automated or buy from a provider)
    7. write (or buy) some articles targeting the keywords and make daily posts on article directories
    8. repeat, keep building more sites in more cities while waiting for the once you built to do their thing
    9. monitor their performance
    10. once you get some sites that are generating regular leads you can start contacting all the real estate agents in that city and let them know you have a cash-in-the-bank lead-generation system that you will be willing sell them OR they could pay you per month for a guaranteed list of qualified leads.

    Real estate people go ape s%!# about leads, someone will take you up on the offer.
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    How much do you have to invest?

    If you budget is unlimited you could outsource all the tasks and it could get results in days. However if you have to do it all your self it will take longer.

    Everything mentioned already is quality stuff. Let us know what your working with (budget) to better understand the situation and give you a more in depth answer.
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    Spend 1 day creating a product
    Spend 1 more day writing the sales letter
    Spend the rest of 4 weeks recruiting affiliates and getting people to mail for it.
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    I have used TubeMogul. It works great for video submission. I myself prefer not to write much so I do mostly video and it has worked much better for me.
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    I would say a good joint venture and promotion of some high ticket items via adwords for high volume, low cpc terms.
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    If you don't have a list, you need to Leverage as much as possible. You need to leverage other people or leverage the power of sites with built in traffic.

    Several people have mentioned creating a product and finding affiliates, that way you leverage other people and thier list's if they have them. The other thing to do is leverage websites that have built in traffic. Twitter, Facebook, Ebay, etc.

    The one big option that nobody has mentioned falls into leveraging a specific site, and that's running a WSO here on the Warrior Forum. It's one of the best ways to make money quickly because there is built in targeted traffic who are looking to buy. You would need to get some more posts under your belt and contribute a little more before you could do it, but once you have and you create your own product running a WSO is a very good option.
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    Buy domain and web hosting. Optimally, get your domain to be the exact match for either your keyword or your product title.
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