Test Out My New Membership Site....

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And I'll give you a huge discount when I go live if you want to join up. If you just want to help, that's awesome and I'm much obliged.

All I need are a few of you good folks to go over to the site, check it out, poke around and see if you can view any members only content. Hopefully, you won't be able to, if I've done everything right.

There are several "public" posts you can read, and different areas such as "Contact", "FAQ", "Sign Up" that you should also be able to view and read, so please do go inside those areas and let me know if there is anything I should change, any suggestions, etc., etc.

Other sections you shouldn't be able to see full contents inside are:

Ebook Templates
EZebt Packages
Photoshop ActionScripts
Photoshop Patterns
Photoshop Brushes
PLR Ebooks

Please, don't sign up fully yet. You can register for free on the site, but don't try and log in as a member or you'll be forwarded to PayPal to "finish" your subscription.

You can do that to see if it will work, but STOP before you make any payments! This can be done for further testing if you choose.

I don't want you to buy anything, just help me test it and I'll reward you for it when I'm ready to officially launch like I said.

Okay, so here's the link to the membership site:

EZebt Membership Site

I appreciate everyone who tests it out.

Feel free to post up your experience here, PM or email me.

Thanks in advance to all those who take a few moments out of their busy schedules to help me test this site.

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    Yep you're safe Tracy,

    Had a click around and kept being told I had to be a member.

    It's like Fort Knox over there.
    • Profile picture of the author Mo Goulet
      I love the theme and the coffee cup icons..

      Everything is locked up and secure from what I can see.

      Easy to read .... simple color scheme ... home page copy sells...good work.

  • Profile picture of the author Andy Fletcher
    Looks really slick. I like it.
    • Profile picture of the author Tracy Yates
      Awesome guys, thanks!

      If you want to join up when I go officially "live" in the WSO section, send me a quick PM and I'll set you up with a super low discounted monthly price :-)


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