How can I start earning about $400 consistently and QUICKLY online?

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Hi guys!

I'm not sure if I'm gonna get some flak for this, but I'm in a bit of a predicament and I could use with some help.

I just started with internet making and have been absolutely intrigued and pumped about it. I'm a producer/director/writer by day and though I love my job, I hate being a 'mind for hire'. I don't get to work on stuff that I'm passionate about and it kills me that I'm simply an employee at the end of the day.

So when Jason Von Orden introduced Traffic Attraction Formula, I jumped at the opportunity, albeit a little too hastily. I say 'hastily', coz I don't earn much ($3000) and though the program is ABSOLUTELY brilliant and I'm learning a lot and am looking forward to it every single day, I still have unpaid bills to return to at the end of the day and I'm very stressed about it. In fact, I feel guilty doing the TAF modules.

I could give it up and get my refund, but I don't want to quit the program just coz I can't afford it. I want to increase my income so that I can.

I know there are many of you here with successful online businesses. I was wondering if I could get your advice on how to earn quick, legitimate cash online. I'm doing some affiliate marketing, building blogs and all that good stuff and I know it's hard work and I'm working on them everyday, but I need money quick.

I'm cringing as I say this – "I need money quick" – but that's my situation right now. I hope I can get some good advice on how I can get started on earning about $400 consistently and quickly every month.

Thank you so much, all!
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    Well, in order to get money you just need to create desire. So here is what I would do...

    You will want to first choice a big market, becuase there is a ton of players in it. Secondly, set up a Wordpress blog and download the TSG podcasting plugin.

    Next simply go to as many product owners with affiliate programs and ask to interview them. Not everybody is going to say yes, but If you send out around 20 per week, I'm positive one will say yes.

    Now, use that interview as a lead magnet and have the person you interview promote the interview to his prospect list. Then all you have to do is post the interview the blog you created and make sure you have your affiliate link on the post.

    If you want to boost sales, you could also write a review of the product and or add bonuses. But that requires extra work.

    You can easily make $400 per week doing that, and you will be build a email list in a market where the tons of stuff being bought and sold everyday.

    Hope that helps

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    Hey Anatshiva...

    You know what...

    You have the mindset to earn $400 a day, but the truth is: it takes time to build an online business.

    I wish I could offer you an easy solution, but I cannot!

    Success is measured by effort, investment, and time!
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    Just curious, but in one paragraph you said you don't make much & quoted $3000.00 as the amount you make per month, which is actually pretty good money in Singapore, and then attest that the program is excellent that's making that money for you. Then, in another paragraph you ask us how to make at least $400.00 per month because you need money badly. I guess I'm a bit confused as to why you don't stick with the program that seems to be working great for you already bringing in $3,000 per month to make more with it. Or did you mean that the program caps off at $3,000 and you need a secondary program to make an additional $400.00 on top of that one?
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    Have a plan, ( PPC or SEO ), read and research a lot. Outsource.
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    Anant, you could start by offering your services in the warriors for hire.
    since you are a writer, I think you can do writing gigs first before you learn the ropes from your program.

    And yes, $3000 in Singapore isn't much. If your family's income is that, you actually qualify for one of the government's cheapest housing tier.
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    Anant, if you require quick, immediate cash, start thinking of the types of services that you could offer (article writing, ghostwriting, backlinking, blog set up, etc.) and advertise your services here. While this is going to require serious work on your part, the nice thing about it is that it results in immediate payment flowing into your Paypal account, unlike affiliate or CPA marketing.

    It appears from your post that you can write quite well, so why don't you think about writing PLR article packs and sell them here? In addition to that, there are content/article sites on the internet that you pay you a decent amount per article submitted (if they're accepted), and that's something you should consider as well. The names of these sites elude me at the moment, but if you do a search of the forums you'll find plenty of threads that delve into how to submit your articles there to pick up some quick cash.

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    Hi everyone! I'm sorry I haven't been back to update everyone on my status. As it turned out, I took the advice of you good folks here and left the TAF program. I got a refund and it's all good : )

    I'm getting a video production business up on the side (since I've been doing award winning stuff for TV for about 5 years now). I'm not doing this online though. I simply went through a directory of small businesses and started cold-calling. I managed to get a pretty big restaurant interested in a corporate video. I've just sent the proposal and I'm feeling good about it *fingers crossed!*

    I wish I can get started in web video production, but I don't know where to start. Maybe I'll go look in warriors for hire!
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    Making money online is no different than making money offline. You need a great product/service, it has to be priced correctly, and you have to have "over the top" after the sale service. Combine those three things and put it in front of the right people, you'll do fine.

    Give it time though. I know this magical internet thing is supposed to make us all billionaires overnight without even turning our computer on, but that simply isn't true. Sure, you can make money quickly, but making money consistently takes hard work, dedication and a plan.

    I've own my own company for 20 years now and I work much longer and harder than most 9 to 5 people I know.

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