How to start a Forum?

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I'm not sure whether this is a crazy idea or not, but I think I want to start a Forum, so please guide me on the best application to use.

I'm based in the UK and I recently made a few posts on a reasonably well known UK Business forum suggesting possible JV's with people (offline business included) with a few ideas I had. Unbelieveably there was no response. In fact, watching some of the threads over the last few days I notice that they haven't moved, nobody is posting!

In my opinion the Forum is cr*p. Full of posts relating to Property and Real Estate courses (Yawn don't we have enough of them in the UK and they all say the same thing).

I want to start a Forum that deals with REAL business, with the intention of hooking people up who are looking for potential partners who could work with them on their proposals.

I would break it down into specific regions, as well as having a main discussion. Maybe it could develop into network events but who knows.

Does anybody (especially in the UK) think this is a good idea or is it just me?

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