How do you sell a Wordpress Site?

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It is hosted on my Hostgator. I have sold sites before but never tried selling Wordpress site.
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    Sell it just like you would any other site. The transfer is a bit more complicated though - there was a couple of threads on how to transfer a wordpress blog back on the old forum if you do a search.
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    The basic steps are

    1. Export and download your mySQL database
    2. Download your WordPress files from the old host and upload to the new house
    3. Create a my SQL database on the new host and import your data
    4. Edit your WP config file with the new database information

    If you need more detail, let me know or Google "how to transfer a WordPress blog"

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      Selling a wordpress site isn't really any different, you can use the same sales sites (like Sitepoint Marketplace) to advertise it.

      If it is the only website you have hosted on that account, just transfer the hosting account to the buyer or leave the transferring of the files up to the buyer.

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    I sell several wordpress sites, on eBay for a good profit, people really want a working website, they really don't care the platform.

    Then I charge $4.99 for hosting of a $40 transfer fee if they want to transfer the website to their own hosting company.
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      If you are looking for a selling channel, I would recommend starting with Ebay.

      If you have a strong domain and website... that is currently making good money...

      I would then recommend the Sitepoint Marketplace.

      I look to Ebay when I sell Turnkey Websites for several hundred dollars.

      I look to Sitepoint Marketplace when I sell Established Websites for tens of thousands.
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      Same here, I let the buyer do the transfer. What makes things easy is you have a reseller hosting account and create a separate account for each website you sell. This really makes it easy as compared to having multiple domains on one account.

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