Those in desperate need of money now

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I know many people who really need money right now and they ask me how they can online. I know this has been on here before but what I get asked is "Where can I find these jobs?"

I tell them to offer services of anything they think they can do. Writing, software, blogging, social marketing, etc. But, the first thing people ask me is where the heck can I find these jobs?

Good question. If you are very new, then you really have no clue where to go. Where can newbies go, that doesn't cost money to post, to find this type of work?

Maybe we can get a nice catalog of places to find work in each area of service. One place I know is you can place ads on their site for free.

I know I would love a list to send folks who ask where they can find the work. That is a big stumbling block for many people. Thanks!
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    Another interesting, not to mention highly profitable way to get into services, is to consider becoming an Outsourcing Agent.

    Basically, if you have good writing skills, can present your thoughts well on paper, you can bid on projects on various networks like oDesk, Elance, RentACoder etc, and once you've successfully won a project, you can setup another project where you invite people to bid and hire them to do the work "you" just got awarded.

    For example, if you win a bid for $1000, you could post a new project for $700, get the work done, hand it back to your client, and make a $300 profit in doing so.

    Food for thought
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    Here's a good thread with lots of options:
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    Thanks Cindy, great thread for newbies!

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    there are sooo many sites that are specialized in what these people are looking for. i believe that freelancer is the best way to find work as well as offer jobs. i don't think there's any site better than this one, but if warriors here disagree, then by all means share them with us. I've tested quite a few, yet this site is the one which I find most useful.
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    Fiverr is the hottest option right now. But of course its not as easy as it seems to get on and win a gig in fiverr so thats when the real freelance portals come in. In freelance sites you can present yourself in the application letter. Odesk is the best one out there.

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    Elance has always worked for me. I haven't tried any of the others because when ever I need a new project to work on, I always find one. Elance has a VERY good rating systems and it has now made it increasingly easy for buyers to find providers.

    I am still not where I would like to be with IM (getting there though). In the mean time I am regular provider on Elance. Thats how I make more than a full time income. Once you have worked for a few people and get some good feedback, buyers will start finding you and inviting you to bid on their projects.

    Plus, elance just made it even easier for newbies to have a better shot at getting projects with their "connects" system.

    I have to say though... their dispute assistance SUCKS.
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    If you have these skills like writing, software, blogging, social marketing then you can make a fair amount of money by getting jobs from freelancing marketplaces like odesk or freelancer.
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    I think the Warrior Forum itself is a good place to find jobs. There are quite a number of marketers here who're already quite successful here and are looking to outsource their mundane tasks. If you can't afford to post in the Warrior for Hire section, you can manually contact people around here if they require your services. (However, don't spam.)

    Visit the Wanted section also.
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      Originally Posted by Daryl Lim View Post

      I think the Warrior Forum itself is a good place to find jobs. There are quite a number of marketers here who're already quite successful here and are looking to outsource their mundane tasks. If you can't afford to post in the Warrior for Hire section, you can manually contact people around here if they require your services. (However, don't spam.)

      Visit the Wanted section also.
      This place is a damn GOLD MINE, but i guess that it is only really a GOLD MINE, if you know how to use it!
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    Thank you, will try them too
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    Elance and others seem overwhelming to start. You only have so many free bids and whatnot after all and it's hard to know what to charge. I was a bit put off by seeing things with low bids by people with huge ratings. I want to do this sort of work, I suppose you don't get hurt by a no so you just need to try. I'm going to give that a shot. I am also wanting to put in a 'Warrior for Hire' post but again, look at everything awesome being offered. It can seem daunting to compete but it doesn't hurt anything to try! need to listen to my own advise.
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    ok well I have been writing online for years and I have to say I was always turned off by sites like elance and odesk because of the low bids you have to compete with and pursuasive proposals you have to write. Try this instead: Try to get accepted into Demand Studios by just writing a direct, actionable how to article. You just need one article. thats good and actionable. Use resources at the bottom to show where you got your research

    or Go to digital point and after 14 days of being a member place your own ads saying you will write for people. say you'll do articles for $4 a piece as a special..When people see you are good, ask for an itrader...and raise prices just a bit on your repeat clients. Always deliver on time and always over deliver...In DP you can always have work and you can make money the same day by asking people to put down 50% before you start working.

    Also, if you can't afford a wso or you don't want to compete in the warriors for hire section do a search in here for threads on writers and pm people who seem to be looking for writers. Tell them you would like to write for them. Give them an article for free or a very low price so they can't help but say yes to you. Over deliver, and you'll get repeat clients
    then....put up a wso in the warriors for hire section...get your reviews up and your off.
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