Those in desperate need of money now

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I know many people who really need money right now and they ask me how they can online. I know this has been on here before but what I get asked is "Where can I find these jobs?"

I tell them to offer services of anything they think they can do. Writing, software, blogging, social marketing, etc. But, the first thing people ask me is where the heck can I find these jobs?

Good question. If you are very new, then you really have no clue where to go. Where can newbies go, that doesn't cost money to post, to find this type of work?

Maybe we can get a nice catalog of places to find work in each area of service. One place I know is you can place ads on their site for free.

I know I would love a list to send folks who ask where they can find the work. That is a big stumbling block for many people. Thanks!
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