Beta Testing - Get Notified When A "Specific" User Posts A New WSO...

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Mike has done something and needs a few beta testers to make sure it works out alright...


I like this idea. Imagine getting 1000 people "wanting" to be notified the moment you post a WSO...powerful stuff. Not like a mailing list you basically 'force' people onto. This is a whole different beast.

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    Nice job Mike! Very useful.
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    Great job Mike -

    That's a downright awesome idea!

    It looks great too
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      Hey everyone...

      Thanks for the comments so far. Please test it out by creating an account, logging in, and adding some notifications for yourself.

      You can easily pause and delete notifications, so no worries of getting unwanted messages.

      Please post here and let me know what you think, but especially if you have any problems or questions.

      Here is the direct link again:



      PS: BTW, this service is FREE and will remain free after beta testing.

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