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Forgive me if this has been asked and answered somewhere. I did search but couldn't find anything.

Are there any sites around where people with different entrepreneurial talents can hook up? I guess, kind of like a myspace for entrepreneurs with a member search function? I'm constantly looking for programmers, designers, etc., and it sure would be nice to find a group already in place. Message forums like this are fantastic, but no real way to look for people with specific sets of skills.
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    You can go to FaceBook.
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      Not exactly what I had in mind...
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      I do not know exactly what you have in mind but you can check out which is a popular outsourcing resource. There has been a few discussions about using them, both pro and con. Research them before you decide to go that route.

      Another good site to check out is Members list their specialty on the profile which then can be pulled up in a user search on the site.

      Those are just a few that are out there.

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    Checkout StartUpNation
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      I have had much success with other types of social networking apps, even simple forums, or link directories where people interact, rate, discuss, adds a HUGE STICKY VALUE TO YOUR WEBSITE!

      I am literally in the process of setting up a new Social Networking application at my website:

      - Pre-Launch Private Free Access : WebDesignHQ Network

      It's a combination of Facebook, Twitter, & the Social Bookmarking sites out there.

      I would really appreciate anyone checking it out, as I am still configuring/tweaking as we speak.

      The site is not live yet, but I would love for anyone to beta-test it out for me.

      - Jared

      P.S. PM me if you want a Social Network Website like this!

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