Need help adding friends to FB group

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Hey guys i really need help with adding friends to my facebook group.
I just dont know how ot add them since FB has made a lot of changes and hence its getting difficult.

Also just like we can send numerous invites to our facebook account via upload a contact file, cant we do the same for our groups ??

Please help

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    The quickest way I have found is to add friends to your Facebook profile. Then when you have a decent number of friends, send them all an invite to your group.
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    To add friends in Facebook Group. You will you need to add maximum friends in your facebook profile. Then you can invite then in your group.
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    Hey check this site out . Joined it a few days ago and got good amount of twitter followers and facebook fans. It goes by credits and you offer credits for people who follow you or like your page. You get free credits by following other users or if you want buy a credit package. I seen some increase in my sites traffic. Let me know if it works out for you
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    Keep your Facebook group updated, share value. Or you can create event our post some notes and can take notice of Facebook users.
    Write on your friend's wall that accepted you but to not spam.....
    I think these are the way to find and add friend to your Facebook group.
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