How Do You Save "JW Player" Vids To Your Computer? Help!

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Have two online pages with JW Player videos on them, and want to download these and play them later.

Here is the problem : I am trying to save them to my hard drive and having a murderous time trying to do this. Bit of a techno dweeb when it comes to this stuff. Can I save these vids to my computer somehow? Or with a tool you know of?

Anyone know? Please help if you do...thanks heaps!
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    look for .flv or .mp4 under html webpage code , you can get that page by click mouse right button and choose view source... mostly jw player have a complete path link to the movie file , copy that movie url path and open it in a new window under firefox you should asked for save

    another option get "real player pro version" it will download all flash movies
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    ok the source only has the file name .FLV not the full path.

    I tried with the directory the video was on....but maybe the programmer thought of people like me....LOL its not there.

    Thanks for trying to help anyway.
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    If you direct me to the page I may be able to help.

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