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I'm having problems getting PayPal to automatically redirect my customers back to my download page. After clicking the Order Now button on my website I am transferred to paypal and enter my credit card info as normal. When I click OK It says i've paid but instead of redirecting me back to the download page it just shows me a page saying:

Thank you for your payment Tony_D

Click Here to return to bla bla bla website.

Is there any way I can have it automatically re-direct to my site instead of just showing a link? The page it takes me to IS the download page i've specified, but i want my customers to be taken there automatically without having to click a link.
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    When you prepare the code for your "Buy Now" button, there are some options available. One of theose options (next to the place where you type in your redirect page) gives you the option of having the redirect occur automatically.

    Try setting up a new button code, with this option checked.
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    You'll also need to set "Auto Return ON" in your Paypal Profile.

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    This might be of interest:

    Delivering Information Products Through Paypal Automatically

    I have not personally implemented this.

    Has anyone else used this code? Does it produce the desired effect?
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      i have this problem too.
      i write from please don't joke on my english...

      I set up everithing with paypal, i receive payemnte...
      i understand that if someone use the account it automatically redirect to the thnks page but if the user uses the credit cart without accout it gives option to come back with a button...

      now the problem is:
      how can i refresh my basket and email the user automatically, if theu don't come back to my thank page???

      my thanks page know you have paid, and everything worked out so the script send email to me, to the buyer, to the seller and takes out an item from my db.
      how can this happen if someone doesn't come back from paypal???
      that way i'd need an automatic redirect after payement complete..

      many thanks hope to have been clear
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    The first part of this ebook has a pretty creative way of ensuring that the customer gets notified to go tot he download or thank you page automatically. Just in case they do not get redirected using Paypal. If you have an affiliate program it will be helpful because most cookies will still work and record the sale (if not using IPN). It also can save on customer service responses about not receiving the product...
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    Thanks guys,

    You came through again without me even asking. You're awesome.

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