Ads stop running after $50 mark every day

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I've a very strange problem... my adwords ads will stop running at about the $50 mark every day...

My budget is $200 and I have more than sufficient funds in the account...

I set my ads to run in accelerated mode... which means they should be able to run as long as there are funds...

After hitting the $50 mark, my ads will stop running and my competitors ads will take over... I need my ads to run 24/7... but somehow this strange problem is preventing it from happening...

Anyone knows how to resolve it?
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    I have no response, but wanted to let you know that the link in your sig is broken.
    • Profile picture of the author richgrad
      The link in my sig's been fixed... thanks!
      Haven't been back on WF for quite a while... they must have changed something... that's why...
    • Profile picture of the author MoonLoh
      perhaps you should contact adwords directly..
      I've view your website through your link, it's working now. =)
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    Is this something you're promoting as an affiliate? If your competitors are other affiliates running ads for the same URL, they might be day-parting and simply outbidding you at a specific time of day.

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