any Kitchener Ontario Warriors?

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Hey all. Seeing the Toronto thread made me wonder: Are there any warriors in Kitchener? If so we should meet up for a beer. I'd go to a Toronto meeting as well......Let me know!
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    Sure thing! my best friend and I are both full time internet marketers and Mike Hill is as well. In fact I believe mike was wanting to have wend. afternoon masterminds starting sometime soon.
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      Well slap me on the head... how's things guys... sorry I'm a little late to the party, working on a huge project so I've been in "lock down Mode" (Lockdown = turn off twitter, Skype and email)

      Mike Hill

      PS. A beer would be great right about now! If you guys are up for it how's about Monday (Aug. 18th) at the new Boston Pizza on Ottawa (across from Laurentian power center) Map Here

      You guys pick the time... (If it's nice out we could sit on the patio)

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