Health/Fitness Ezines?

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Anyone know of any health or fitness ezines that take adds?

A search brings up a lot but no way of seeing if or how they take advertising. Was hoping some of you gurus may know of some?

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    I don't think many people would share this information with you but good luck! From my experience the best way to find some good ones are to just sign up for as many as you can with an article that is performing well on EZA... then track your results.
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    Erm.. I'm a little confused?

    Sign up for them.. with an article?

    And what results would I be tracking?

    Simply how many people read my article? I guess "Place adverts in ezines" isn't as simple as it sounds..

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    Ah, was using the wrong search terms, 'ezine advertising' seems to work better

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    (But I'm still open to tips or recommendations!)

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    Thanks everyone

    P.P.S. Don't check the links from my signature because I don't have any health ezine in my team
    It does seem like 99% of ezines out there are for internet marketing - but how does one go about BUYING some marketing instead of just trying to sell the "how" to each other?

    Somehow I'm reminded of a circular firing squad...

    Oh well, back to... erm.. anything but Adwords

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    The subscribers of an ezine don't subscribe to a certain ezine for the purpose of trying to sell the "how" to each other
    True but it does seem the majority of ezines are based around internet marketing, so one ends up with marketers selling to marketers tips and info on how to sell to yet more marketers, who, if the hype is to believed, can sell to.. yet more internet marketers.

    My question then is anyone actually buying any actual products per se or are we all just "selling selling", sorta thing?

    Basically I'm just grumbling cos advice such as "advertise in ezines" is somewhat meaningless when even a major and broad market such as health appears to have very few ezines that accept ads.

    Up to their ears in affiliate stuff perhaps but advertisements? Oh nooooo!

    So I guess what I need then is an affiliate program

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    Well rather than berate me for being a somewhat bewildered noob who can't find any, how's about you find some (health ezines that take ads) and prove me wrong?

    You get kudos and gratitude, I get somewhere I can advertise

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    Ezines are my most profitable form of marketing. I use them to market all of my reports.

    Like someone else mentioned before. You have to test and track. I doubt anyone is going to give you their profitable ezines.
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    Is this OK now? When do you allow me to start the work?
    Now that's what I call outsourcing! Enjoy your weekend and start on Monday?

    I doubt anyone is going to give you their profitable ezines.
    Seems not.

    I'm happy to test and track, if I could actually find any that admit to taking adverts (as opposed to "recommending" affiliate products) in my particular "niche", if you can call health and fitness a niche.

    I'm not dissing the idea altogether, heck "advertise in ezines" is exactly what I was trying to do. It just strikes me that the vast majority of places offering such adverts are all aimed at the "make money in your underwear - on the internet!" types. THAT kind of advertising is easily, there's dozens of sites out there but I just figured, seeing what this forum is about, that maybe someone could point me to a specialist or at least a large enough directory with health and fitness ezines.

    I'm not asking which H and F ezine gives the best ROI, just "where the heck are they?"

    The few directories I've seen with some all show "Ads - No" or "NA" for the ezines I'd be interested in.

    Still, not to grumble, as it's an opportunity for me. Start my own ezine

    With advertising.

    But when gurus airily wave their palm and say "advertise in ezines" that aint as easy as it sounds. Unless your product is internet marketing...


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