need a decent keyword tool

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and recommendations for a good keyword tool?
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    Word tracker for a paid tool and Adwords keyword tool for a free one.
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    You can try the Webceo keyword suggestion tool. Really good.
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    Theres a free keyword tool at which is pretty good. I use Adwords Analyzer, which is not free, but I like it...
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    I use the paid version of SpyFu as my primary tool.

    If people are paying for keywords, they're worth using. :-)


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    i use market samurai which is free for the basic research ... it gets most of its ideas from google, but has some other cool features too
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    Google keyword tool then mutilple 1.35 times that number and it will give you a accurate reading of search traffic and its free.
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    i was thinking of google as google is bound to know what keywords get searched!
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    wordtracker or free edition of web ceo
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    I use Market Samurai which has alot of cool features. I think you can still get a free trial.
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    Brad Callen's Free Keyword Tool

    Our new free research tool...

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    I recently did 2 searches covering a few hundred words each, got counts from Wordtracker (in Nichebot), Niche Inspector, and Google Adwords External Keyword Tool (using Exact Match)

    The results were not even remotely comparable. A few of the terms that showed lots of searches did show lots of searches on all 3 but still vastly different numbers.

    By comparison almost all of google's results appear much higher than the others.

    Anybody else do any comparisons across different search result counts?

    The quest is in to find out which tool is actually accurate. Not that any tool will ever be 100% accurate. Just not possible with so many ISPs out there. Not all report.

    50% of all searches ever recorded have been done only once. These days I look to the search results as a general indicator and put more weight on visiting the sites that come up for my main terms and creating LSI themed content.

    By the way this is a nifty search tool for discovering related terms in niches
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    It looks like many of these traffic forecasters use a limited data set and then extrapolate after that. It would appear that Google adwords would have the best resources on the subject.
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    micro niche finder

    is really good it was recommended to me by a top internet marketer, I chat with now and again, and I am very satisfied with this product
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    I use Wordtracker (paid version) and Google keywords tool. The paid version of wordtracker is very good. They have a 7 day trial if you want to take a look at it. I'm sure you will be satisfied with it.

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    I use a combination of tools depending on what information I need.

    You can find a complete list of tools both free and paid in this section of the Marketing Educator
    This information is free
    TME Index: 1- Research & Keywords

    Or you can read about some of the tools on our blog
    Research - Keywords & Your Niche : The Marketing Educator
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    If I get Market Samurai can I do away with WTracker?
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    I think the new google keywords tool is fantastic!

    Granted, this tool only offers estimated search volume, but it is very useful in drilling down on keywords and even provides average CPC and seasonal trends.

    Most importantly, this tool is 100% free of charge!

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