Thinking of starting a PLR business

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hey folks,

I was interested in starting a business with plr. My focus would be to develop high quality Plr in niche markets. I have been around the forum a bit trying to gauge the level of competition for the business? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions as to how I would go about doing market research for this particular business model and whether it is still profitable? Thoughts about pricing maybe? and how long it would take to become profitable?

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    I'll be watching this thread with interest as I too have been considering this. Good luck!
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    check out PLR ATM Official Site By Tiffany Dow

    'nough said.

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    Originally Posted by jaywilsonjr View Post

    check out PLR ATM Official Site By Tiffany Dow

    'nough said.

    I agree, if you are considering a PLR business you should grab a copy of PLR ATM it covers EVERYTHING you need to know!
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    If you're interested in learning a lot more about using PLR... and for free, pay a visit to
    our own site
    There's a 29 page "Private Label Profits" or, if you head for the "Free Stuff" page, you'll find a link to "PLR Cash Secrets". Both no charge... if we can show you how to succeed with plr products... you'll know where to come back to when you want high quality products!
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    One tip I recall from a former WSO course by an Irishman (article writing secrets?) involved first selling your work on a premium priced exclusive basis with a limited number of copies guaranteed for a period of time, like 6 months, after which you re-release the material for broader distribution at a lower price.
    You might combine your plr authoring with writing for hire, some clients will grant you reproduction rights after a time.
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    thanks guys i appreciate the suggestions
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    I will be checking back to follow your progress and read all the informative and helpful replys from the other members. I already culled two tips for PLR from the above comments and I will be checking them out later.

    Thanks Everyone,
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    This is quite an informative thread. Think it may be a new direction for me. Will be checking out PLR atm for sure. Thanks to everyone who's posted.

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