How I Lowered My Spam Complaints By 400%

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I've been paying close attention to my spam complaints in Aweber because I use single opt in and don't wan't to switch to double.

Lately I've been noticing that my complaint rate was higher than the acceptable level by Aweber. Their acceptable complaint level is .1 % or 1 complaint per 1000 subscribers.

I put up disclaimers in my emails, given my subscribers useful information and still couldn't get under the acceptable level.

So after testing a lot of different options, I finally figured out something that works for me.

The first step is that I decided to remove all tracking links from my e-mails because they look rather long and can be looked at as spam by certain people. Once I removed my tracking links my spam complaints dropped by 200% instantly.

To get it to drop another 200% what I did is I made links to domain names that didn't look like they were sales material. For example: if I'm trying to promote something as an affiliate. I would send somebody to a link that read

This way people looked at my links is being user-friendly and didn't see them as being spam. And I get very few spam complaints now because of it.

I can still track my open rate by using HTML e-mails. And I can also track the click throughs by just using unique landing pages for each e-mail I send out.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on how you lowered your spam complaints let me know.
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    Another way is to include their email, name, last name, and ip address on the very bottom of the email.

    That will remind your subscribers that they actually subscribed.
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    How did the changes affect your conversions?
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      My conversions have gone up by 150 to 200% so far. I've only been using this technique so far for about 10 days to a list of about 45,000 subscribers though, so we'll see how it works out long-term.

      I actually used to use this technique fairly frequently when I didn't have such a huge e-mail list but I didn't realize that actually tracking my e-mails could be hurting my results.

      But now that I think about it if someone gets an e-mail, and they know that it's a tracking link or a weird URL. Why would they want to click on it?

      A lot of people don't know what those weird a Weber tracking links are. So maybe that's why they are reporting them as spam.

      And I'm also making more sales because I'm not using tracking links now so I really think that it's the way to go, unless I'm proven otherwise in the future.
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    Thats very interesting to know and I will implement this in my campaigns.

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