Press Releases - Where Do You Find Them?

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Hi Warriors,
Ok... in this case I'm not looking to write and distribute a press release but find out all the different places you can go to find press releases on specific topics that you want to put on your own news site.

What I'm wondering is is there way to be notified about new press releases in a particular category apart from going to a site like PRWeb::The Online Visibility Company and just searching for them?

Also I've got a list or press release site but I'm still keen to find out if there's any other press release sites you feel I need to check out (that I may not have).

Many thanks,
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    I don't know of any sites that'll do that, but you can set up a google alert for it.

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    Hi Beaumont,

    You are a publisher and looking to publish other people's stories on your sites. The answer to question is to register with the press release sites to receive releases for your chosen categories. I'm sure this will be free as you will help publicise their client's releases.

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    I have a list of PR websites in my website. Feel free to check it out

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