How To Put A Real Clickable Link In Your YouTube Video To An Outside Site Without Paying Too Much

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Being able to put a clickable link in your YouTube video with a clear call to action to visit your website is of course highly desirable for those who are using YouTube to market their products. The problem has been with YouTube annotations that you are only allowed to put a clickable link to a url directly on the YouTube network like a channel or another YouTube video. You cannot use YouTube annotations to put a link to a website outside of the YouTube network. So how can a marketer get a real call to action link right in the YouTube video and have it go to his website?

The answer is YouTube Paid Promotions. When you register your video with YouTube Paid Promotions you are allowed what they call a "Call To Action Overlay." This is a very nice blurb you can put at the bottom of your video with a description, display url and destination url. If the viewer clicks on the link they go directly to the website of your choice even if it is not on the YouTube network.

I know what you are thinking. "Now I am going to be paying all kinds of high pay per click charges." Not necessarily. You can choose to promote your video through YouTube Paid Promotions and just choose a few unpopular keywords and make a low cost per click bid. This way you get the option of having a nice "Call To Action Overlay" without having to pay the pay per click charges. Of course if you want to optimize your video with lots of keywords and you are willing to pay for it this is fine too.

If you guys have a better way of doing this let me know. I still put my title clip at the end and my own call to actions in the video but it is nice to have that clickable link going right to my websites. This is working for me.
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    Actually, you don't have to pay anything for these ads. Here's a tutorial I posted a month ago...

    I have also noticed an increase in click throughs over the last few weeks when using these ads. I didn't know why but then I went and checked out my videos and they have changed the format of the ads. They used to show after about 5 seconds into the video, now they seem to show right away. This has made a notable difference for me.
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    in the description field of your youtube video, place the link to an external website but be sure it starts with http : // instead of using w w w for it to be clickable ... & I am actually using this piece of software Ezvid so i can easily put clickable links before upping it on YouTube -- works perfect for this task
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    Once you have the ad overlay appearing, you can pause the ad in adwords.

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