Where can I find RSS feeds?

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I would like to place an RSS feed in the sidebar of my WP blog. I have WP version 2.6 and it has a widget where you can enter the RSS feed URL and choose other options.
My problem is, however, where do I find some good RSS feeds on related subjects that I can use?
I believe that Google and Yahoo have RSS feeds, but part of their Terms of use is non commercial use. My WP blog does sell different products, so it's not noncommercial.
Where can I find RSS feeds that don't have such restrictions?
If you can help, I would be grateful.

many thanks,

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    I use Feedburner on my primary blog and use the Feedburner Feed Replacement plugin.

    Feedburner is pretty cool since it gives you a stats package. It also allows you to have email subscribers to your feed, but not in the sense of an autoresponder. It's owned by Google though.
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      Hi John,

      thank you for replying, but I think I did not explain myself well. I am referring to other people's RSS feeds. I would like to place an RSS feed on my web site, to generate new content. Where can I get RSS feeds (of other web sites) ?

      Thank you for any help,



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