Paypal, Bank address - "Full ADDRESS of Your Bank" But I have 2 addresses..?

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For the Paypal Direct debit/bank authorisation (where they submit 2 mini payments to your account)

they ask for the

"Name and Full Address of Your Bank or Building Society"

The thing is, I have 2 addresses...
I opened this bank account in One address, but on the bottom of the statement It gives the address of the Head office of the bank.

Both addresses are different, which do they want? or it doesn't matter?

Do they check these, to verify them? or they want to know which bank you opened your bank account from?

Which bank address have you given? the one which you use? local one? or where you opened the account?
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    They want the address of your branch of your bank - the one you opened the account at.

    Not sure of where you are as you don't list it, but most US and Canadian banks I've dealt with have it printed on your checks.

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    I didn't realize PayPal even needed your banks address nowadays? Man it's been a while since I've signed up...

    When I originally signed up they didn't even require your social (for anything), now it seems like it's a must.

    But as for your questions, give them your banks local address. Depending on your activity they may/probably not call your bank and have whatever transaction you are trying to issue "authorized".
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    Your branch address - the one you went to when you opened up the account!

    Sorry, but I fail to see why this isn't obvious.

    You also might consider PayPal's Help section, or even phoning them - unlike many online companies they are one who give excellent telephone service. I'm sure they can answer any questions you might have.


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