How I Use Forum Marketing to gain 10 Subscribers a Day in my Niche

by yankforlife41 8 replies

Just wanted to let everyone know how I go about adding 10 subscribers a day just from simple content that I post to my website and other forums. I also average about $5 in CPA offers which adds up if your doing it everyday.

I'm in the autograph niche so whenever I get a new one in the mail I will take a video of what I got that day. I will then post it on my website and under it I have a link saying get Free Addresses to get autographs like this everyday! I also put a link to a CPA offer such as "Get a FREE Mlb Hat" I usually make anywhere from $3-7 doing this.

I then precede to post this video to every single forum out their on sports cards and autographs. I know get subscribers coming in for the rest of the day and make a few extra bucks.

Guys, forum marketing and making new content can be easy, don't make it hard. Make a quick video in your niche, make sure it's helpful and add it with a link to your squeeze page, watch the subscribers floooowwwwww in!

Hope that helps.


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    Great one Mike!

    Though I am not doing CPA at the moment, and I might not be doing it anymore, it's all about TAKING ACTION that I care!

    I know that you're one heck of an action taker! I love action takers, and I didn't know that you're working in such a niche behind the curtain!

    That's truly awesome to hear these kind of success stories.

    Mike, since I've taken a peek on your product before, I know what you meant, but others might not know about it, so would you please tell us a bit of how you did your "quick video"? Just some pointers, without giving too much out of the bags?

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Mike!

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    The videos I put up are showing me live opening up my mail and seeing who I get. I then put a link to my website and squeeze page in the info section for Youtube. I then call it "Name" TTM Autograph so it ranks well in the search engines.
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    You know, I've noticed some people on YouTube that could be doing pretty awesome if they'd set up a squeeze page and link to it from their videos. When I was searching for a new video camera, I found myself nearly drowning in a sea of "unboxing" videos.

    They get HUGE traffic hits and all they show is some dude opening the box to his new camera/video camera/phone/game system/etc and showing off the goods. There's a massive amount of people out there that eat that stuff up. If they only knew they could link to affiliate pages from there or send those viewers to a squeeze page... ha!
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    You really chosen a "killer" niche. Well done! Thank you for sharing this with us. Your case proves the point: The more creative the better! Can you post a link to your website here? I'd love to take a look at it. Your case shows how the internet offers Wonderful opportunities for innovative young guys like you.
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    You can use the coupon code "flowers4love" and receive a discount for any item from our 1000's items.
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    Make more friends on forums you are participating and be active there as more as you can and these all will eventually benefits you.
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      This is a good actionable idea. And thank you for sharing it here. I also agree that is a great niche. Full of people who really, really want something and will do a lot of searching and clicking to get it. Nice.

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    I didn't know this can be a niche itself!

    Thanks for showing us about how these works!

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