Professional Video Intro Needed in Salespage

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I need a professional Video Intro & Tutorial complete with sound and voice(which will be added into the salespage) to demonstrate how easily to use this script.

salespage (the salespage will be rewritten to boost conversion rate)
Urgency Offer Manager

The video basically need to do a professional Intro and do a demo on how easy to use the script.

The 1-2-3 Steps to Create Your Urgency Offer Fast!
Step 1: Configure your Setting
Step 2: Configure your Dynamic Urgency Type
Step 3: Generate Code for Copy & Paste into your Webpage

In return, i will give u a copy of my script (retails at $67) as a form of barter trade for your service.

I probably need this done by sunday as launch will be on 26th aug.

if anyone has anyone to recommend, please do so.
I can consider paying for the service as well though i prefer to trade.

Please do provide samples of your previous video work as well.
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    hi Justin you can take a look at this site A friend of mine recommended me to use his service. I think he is a warrior forum member too. Hope this help you
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    Do a look up for a guy called "Stephen Luc". I highly recommend him on video creation. He has done quite a number of professional videos for other top Internet Marketers and his price isn't exorbitant by any length. He's done one for me early this year and since then he has improved a lot.

    -- Edmund Loh

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