Can I link my Debit Card to more than one paypal account?

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As the title says, can I link 1 debit card to 2 PayPal accounts? Here's the case. I'm underage and unable to create a PayPal account. BUT, I have got a debit card and I want to link this to my sister's PayPal. Then when I'm 18, I wanna make my own PayPal account. My question is, can I link that same debit card I used for my sisters account to this new PayPal account?
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    No You can't. Why don't you try it with a VCC
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    My question would be, "Whose name is on the debit card?" Right away Greendot comes to mind, they issue two cards with two different names, but one card number, the same number on two different cards.

    If that is the case then it's simple enough to get another card.

    I do know that if you take a bank account off of one PayPal account you can then use it on another PayPal account.

    I think, but I'm not sure, that you can do the same with a Debit Card. Remove it from one account and put it on another.

    Just remember "all knowing" PayPal knows what you are doing. Even though a bank account is off one PayPal account and on another one they know the history. The same would be true with a debit card.

    George Wright
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    You can't use the same bank account or credit/debit card for multiple Paypal accounts, this is just something they don't allow, probably for security/fraud reasons.
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