Interesting Study - Get More Optins With This Trick

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Ive been testing something for a few days now. This by NO means is conclusive but I think I've figured out something very interesting about collecting optins.

This may already be known but I've never seen it discussed anywhere.

Anyways. I have an exit popup on my page and I have found that when I ask a question I get almost double the optins.

For example. Most people just put up a simple


Anyways I realized that people like to answer questions and have their opinion heard. So i created an aweber form where I put a question or two at after the name and email.

So for example. Lets say we are in the dog training niche. It could look like this.

What Kind Of Dog Do You Have:
What Is His Biggest Problem:

I think the reason this might work is because everyone likes to be special and think THEY have the special circumstance or situation. This allows them to voice that.

I am not in the dog niche so maybe you could think of a better question.

On my tests when NOT using a question I would get about 10 opt ins a day. WITH the question I am getting 15 - 20

Can some other people test this and report results? It would be very valuable.
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    Superb! Thinking outside the box (as blogbrowser said!). This is one of those "d'oh, why didn't I think of that" moments for me!

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