Any form filling tool that doesn't slow down your computer like robofom does?

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I have been using free and for the past year the paid version of roboform, but it is killing me with the slow down. I mean, it would be faster for me to copy past and sometimes probably type the whole thing in form instead of using roboform.

I was using it with firefox, so I thought maybe Google chrome would help. I installed chrome and its lighting fast, but as soon as I attached roboform to it, it went down. it went from blazing fast to almost like a dial up speed!

Do you guys have the same problem? Is there any other tool out there that doesn't slow down your computer that much? I don't mean just a user name and password filling tool, I mean one that can give you custom form options just like roboform?

I would appreciate any feedback.
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    I use lastpass.

    They just bought out xmarks btw.
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    I like lastpass myself too. It works very well, and I have not noticed any significant slowdown in my browser/computer after starting to use it.
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    Looks good......

    What I do not understand though....

    Roboform or Lastpass has all your passwords in their database, to me that sounds scary. I mean, the whole point of a password, is not letting anyone have it right?
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    Is that what's slowing down my 'puter?!? I just spent A LOT for a custom built laptop and I'm ready to chuck it out the window.

    As far as Roboform goes, I'm really irritated with them in general right now. I've been drinking the Roboform Pro "koolaid" for a long time and now they're charging to upgrade their program. So, I pay for this "upgrade" and the Mult-line custom fields in their identities has disappeared, which is HUGE if you use it as a tool for semi-automated submissions.

    The response that I got from their support (which took about a week) was that it would be "fixed in the next release". no eta.
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    I been using LastPass for the past year and love it. I'm still on the free version and thinking of upgrading and wonder should I try RoboForm instead? Judging from what I read it sound I'm ok to just stick with LastPass and save myself some time to copy all my passwords over.

    Any comments? Thanks.
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    LastPass gets my vote as well!


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