What is better than Godaddy?

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Hey guys,

I am going to buy a website today, but, wanted to find out what you would recommend. I have been using Godaddy, and, have purchased their one year of hosting, but, everyone tells me that Godaddy is much harder to use.

That being said, this is an experiment, and, I don't know if this experiment will be successful or not - so, I want to let this be as cheap as possible.

I need a domain/hosting for one site for one year.

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    Go Mommy! rah rah rah! ... lol


    Always check for coupons. It can help a whole lot.
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    Godaddy isn't harder than any other service, but I'll second Hostgator.
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    I buy domains at Namecheap, and host with Hostgator.

    No matter which service you use, you can always find a video on youtube to show you exactly how to do whatever it is that you might need help with.
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    Godaddy is great for domains and Hostgator is best for hosting. Its always better to have your domains and hosting with different companies.
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    Better than GoDaddy? If you're talking hosting, most anybody!

    But GoDaddy does offer some seriously good domain name prices, especially if you opt for a dot-info or dot-us, say. For dot-coms, Namecheap is worth comparing. Once you buy the domain there, go in and change the nameserver numbers to your chosen host, and you're all set.

    My vote for hosting is Hostgator. Easy cPanel, and if you get stuck, they have a free online chat service with a techie who can sort it out for you.
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    I have a vote for Hostgator too, they are great. I love how easy it is to use. For domain names, I've found some really good ones at Namecheap and also I just had 2 pushed to be on Name.com.
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    I use godaddy for names and scalahosting.com Cheap Reseller Hosting, Affordable reseller hosting, Quality reseller hosting, Reseller program, Cpanel reseller hosting, Host reseller (3 bucks a month when you buy 12 months worth)

    full cpanel, unlimited domains etc

    I used to have hostgator but found this with the same features for a lot less dosh. If your noob you might want to stick to HG - support is excellent there. Have not needed support at scala yet
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    I buy domain in yahoo, for hosting i use bluehost/hostgator
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    Hostgator for hosting, Netfirms for buying domains.
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    For domains it's internetbs.

    For hosting it's hostgator.

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    Godaddys hosting is indeed terrible. Any cpanel host that answers their support live chat will be fine for a website that gets less than 100 visitors per day.

    After you exceed 100, I would recommend westhost or vps.net
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    I don't know what the noise about godaddy is. People come here and rank about their upsell and downsell and middlesell and everything you can imagine! I've got 27 domain names with them and I've not heard a complaint after my initial learning curve. That said, I'll go with godaddy untill I have something against them!

    For webhosting, can someone please tell me any host better than hostgator? Terrific customer care, nice cpanel, easy to use tools,....seriously, if there's a better host, please let me know and I'll consider moving away after successfully installing/setting up 25 websites without hassle!

    That said, if you like what I said, please do use the 'thank' button below!
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    Sviegert Says:

    "I would use GoDaddy or HostGator. Pick one and go with it for a month and then if you don't like it, attempt another."
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    Hostgator is the best alternative of Godaddy
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    I think it's good practice to separate your domain registrar from your hosting provider. So if you buy a domain at Godaddy, then I'd host the website anywhere but Godaddy. Hostgator is a good choice, but you certainly aren't limited to just that.
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    If you wer patient enough to wait for me to post, you won't regret it as to getting cheap hosting and fully featured unlimited account, I'll give you a clue as to which host I am talking about. They host me? ........LOL, its a joke.

    Well, if you whois my site, you can find them and I'm not asking anything in return. PM me if you still can't find host I'm hosted with...

    Take care,

    Bernard St-Pierre
    Marketing Consultant
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    i have always used servage.net
    Find them great
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    I'll second the namecheap/hostgator combo. Alexa nailed it with "The important thing is to register and to host in two different places."
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    Goddady uses non-standard configutations, I tend to avoid them for hosting. I get domains from them but not hosting.

    Hostgater has serious issues with uptime and support. Plus, using a bargain/discount host is asking for trouble.

    I use MediaTemple and love their service. I've only had one outage in 4 years of hosting there and the response was to give everyone that was affected a year of credit on their account. Completely stand-up people.

    I recommend them to anyone that asks.

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