Small, growing, competition-less niche. How to create content when there are no resources available?

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I am a beginner Internet Marketer with many questions. I’m starting out slow.. one site at a time.

The niche I am focusing on is pretty small, undeveloped, and growing. The niche focuses on a male hobby, and I know the niche is a buying crowd. I estimate there to be about 10,000 enthusiasts in the United States.

Since my niche is small, undeveloped and growing, I am having difficulty in creating content for my website.

How do you create articles when you know very little about the subject at hand? I know generally I could search through books or browse the internet for more information, but what do you do when there are no books, and when the websites covering your niche are all vendor or product related?

And I can’t review the products personally, because the products are thousands of dollars a piece—I can’t afford that--, and I don’t know anyone personally who has these products.

I can’t really hire someone to create me articles, because I know they won’t know about the subject, and I know they won’t be able to find resources to understand it.

The majority of the articles I would like to create require a very specialized technical knowledge, that I don’t have.

It would be awesome if I could create videos covering my niche. On YouTube there are about 300 related videos at the moment. They are all personal, home recordings of my niche. So how do I put out videos w/ my web address, (it’s very action-oriented) when I don't really have the ability to record them myself?

The graphics on my website are not actual images covering my niche—they are basically caricatures, silhouettes, cartoons of what I want. There are pictures on the net, but I don’t want to steal anybodies images. If I were to take my own pictures, I would have to ask people’s permission to use them (since I’d be basically taking pictures of people in public while doing this action hobby).

I could be the first information website in a rapidly growing niche. The community is crying out for a site like mine that will help simplify finding information on the hobby.

There are a dozen message boards for the hobby, so what I suppose I’ll do is take notes on questions being asked, and the answers given, and come to a better understanding of the niche, and create articles from that. But how do I obtain my own unique media (videos/pictures)? What kind of incentives do I offer to get content from the hobbyists (these hobbyists AREN'T broke and requiring money) Ideas are appreciated, thanks a lot!
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    This isn't what you want to hear, but if the niche is that small, you don't know much about it, there is no competition, and you can't find content... I'd choose another niche.
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      Originally Posted by Chris Lockwood View Post

      This isn't what you want to hear, but if the niche is that small, you don't know much about it, there is no competition, and you can't find content... I'd choose another niche.

      I agree with you
      Niche is too small
      I would find a different niche
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    Why don't you scour the forums for someone who's clearly passionate and knowledgeable about the subject matter and offer a joint partnership with him? If there really is a need for this, it won't be hard to sell the individual if he's really interested in advancing the hobby. And if he's already independently wealthy, he'll probably be content with whatever you offer, especially if you're doing all the backend and he's doing more of the same (content production).

    Good luck.

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