how to get free traffic to promote affiliate products?

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hey warriors!

my question today is simple: how can I get free traffic to promote an affiliate product? what is the best way to do this?

I want to stay without the bounds of what is legal and ethical. Any advice would be really appreciated!

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    Create several blogs about the products you are selling to consumers. Optimize your text to rank high for long tail keywords that are specific to that niche - yours. Then find out who fixes your product in your area. Like if you sell laptops, then you find out who does computer repairs. Partner with people who sell similar services. Get them to link to your blogs, in return you mention them on your pages.

    It will take some work, but traffic will start to pour in. Most of it will be from long tail keywords that have excellent conversion.
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    Originally Posted by co-creator View Post

    hey warriors!

    my question today is simple: how can I get free traffic to promote an affiliate product? what is the best way to do this?


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    Try related forum, blog comment, article writing, social network like twitter or hub, and yes now.. video is getting hot
    I offer CPA coaching and investment opportunities for those SERIOUSLY interested in making money directly or indirectly with affiliate marketing. PM me for details.

    Read More about CPA/Affiliate Marketing on my Blog
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    Don't forget Scribd - upload a taster that will drive people to your landing page - use something like a related report but keep it short and sweet so that they only get the real info when they get to your page or opt in. Use relevant PLR if you're not keen on writing.
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    Originally Posted by co-creator View Post

    hey warriors!

    my question today is simple: how can I get free traffic to promote an affiliate product? what is the best way to do this?

    I want to stay without the bounds of what is legal and ethical. Any advice would be really appreciated!

    Ways i know of:

    Establish good Google position for your site. A site on top Google position is a goldmine. You do this using SEO, backlinks etc.

    Write articles/press releases with links to you site/product and publish on press EZA and press release sites.

    Use social sites like hubpages, facebook etc. to promote your site(s).
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    You could always use the search function at this forum - this question has been asked at least 100 times before and got lots of answers.

    nothing to see here.

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    I found SEO to be very, very hard, despite a mammoth effort. However, other people might have a flair for it and do really well.

    One thing i would suggest is to take a particular technique and consider what sort of people are going to be attracted to it. For instance, are they freebie hunters or buyers? I found social traffic to be very difficult to moneterise but once I found out how to get the right sort of traffic I did a whole lot better.

    Just some thoughts....

    Kind regards,

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    The best method would be to build articles for long tail keywords that have low competition in SERP. You can start with this and then with time going for for competitive keywords.

    This is the best "free" strategy. Of course there is nothing for free, you still must build backlinks and this costs.
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    I hope you are not referring to "fast" traffic

    Also, I would like to stress out that there is no such a thing as "free" traffic... time is money, and it could "cost" you more to try to get "free" traffic than to pay for some traffic... think about that...

    I mean, it took me too much before I realized that, and I was also trying to get that famous "free" traffic, but when you count in how much time you are losing on article marketing, blogging, getting links and all other crap, you realize that you could get much more traffic for actually cheaper price....

    I know that lot of guys and girls around here don't have money to buy traffic, but lets get realistic here, traffic is cheap these days, besides the fact that it is much easier to get highly targeted traffic...

    Now, if you want to pursue that "free" traffic, then I advise you to concentrate on building your own high quality network of sites... PM me if you need help about that... but, the fact is, if you already "losing" time on building "free" traffic, then at least concentrate your efforts on something that will paid off to you in long run... that is exactly what you will get with properly planned and executed network of sites... once you set it up properly and build it, you will be able to rank fast for many keywords, as well to funnel traffic to any offer you want...

    So, build other sites, blogs, use free services like blogger, wordpress, hubpages, squidoo, facebook, twitter, google+ and many others, to build high quality network... then you can funnel that traffic and authority to any of your offers... that's the best way to go if you are after "free" traffic...

    The point is, if your goal is just a quick traffic, you are missing the game... instead of quick traffic, build something that will last for you...
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    Its important that you have some good keywords with little competition.Then create backlinks for those keywrds in forums,blogs,article everywhere.Once you get top page of Google or probably top position you will see the free Google traffic.
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