WSO's Go Universal Mainstream Exposure

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You gotta just Love this new forum.

Google Alerts seems to Love the WSO section.

Google Alerts will be able to pick up your posts when you place tags for your threads.

I have an alert set for "traffic generation" and this is what came across the wire in my email:

>>>>>>>>>>>> PRESS RELEASE SOFTWARE <<<<<<<<<<<<
By magchick
Below is a screenshot of the traffic to my Magazine Template website over the last month. Press Releases are my main traffic generation strategy. You'll notice the spikes of traffic in Late July and early August as I submitted press ...
WarriorForum - Internet Marketing Forums -

Talk about exposure. And from a trusted source...right to my email.

Use those Tags.
#internet marketing #exposure #mainstream #universal #wso
  • Profile picture of the author Robert Plank
    I know, I love the new SEO'd vbulletin warriorforum. I post WSOs and the next day, my own Google Alerts (searching for my name) tell me about it.
    • Profile picture of the author MikeLantz
      That's great...

      It's like the Warrior Forum was a site that Google always wanted to love, but just didn't know how until now!

      Do you feel the love?


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