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Anyone tried those, are you successful with them? I'm thinking of starting some, but I want to get more information from people who are successful with them. There doesn't seem to be too much info about them, so anything that you can share with the forum would be great.
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    so there is no one that knows about ebay affiliate sites???
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    Here is the info about ebay affiliate program.

    ebay runs an affiliate program that pays you to drive traffic to ebay site. ebay pays affiliates in two ways.

    1. $25 per active active user you sent their way
    2. 50% commission on all ebay profits that are generated through your website

    Registered Users

    First, ebay will pay you $25 per user that registers through your site. The user must not only register, but become an active member of ebay. ebay states, A visitor becomes a confirmed, active user of eBay.com within 30 days of registration. So the user must register at ebay, confirm his/her email address and place a bid or start an auction withing 30 days of registering (Note - The user doesn't have to win the bid for you to earn the commission). If this happens then you will be given $25. The commission increases as you send more members to ebay.

    Commission on Profits

    Every time a user clicks on an ebay link through your site and wins an auction on ebay you will be given 50% commission on the profits. Note it is profit and not 50% of the final auction price, but the 50% on the profit that ebay makes from listing and other fees. ebay also has incentives in this area and the commission rate increases based on the volume of sales through your site.

    I've just started promoting it so don't have much success with it but there are people who are making good money with ebay affiliate program.

    You can post ebay listings just about anywhere.. in your website, blogs, squidoo lens etc.

    Hope that helps,
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    so there is no one that knows about ebay affiliate sites???
    I do. What would you like to know?
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    I do a lot as an Ebay affiliate. It's probably about 40% of my income. But I don't use BANS. I use phpBay with Wordpress.

    If you have questions, feel free to ask.
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      Thanks for the comments so far. Well it seems that BANS are not very popular from the comments so far, people seem to choose other ways to build their ebay affiliate sites. I read a bit about these sites, and some people claim that by having a RSS feed and since the site auto updates with new products, it is easy to be indexed, and stay indexed. Some people even say that they are set and forget type of sites which will make you a few bucks per day, so you can set up as many as you want, is it true??

      What would be the best method to build these sites, there are a few other ways beside BANS, you can use Joomla and other software, I'm wondering what would be the best. If it is really set and forget type of sites and they stay indexed, then I think it is a very good way to make some money online.

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