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by khut 7 replies
I'm in the process of creating a few capture pages, and was wondering if anyone has suggestions for driving instant traffic to them. I'm thinking about trying revisitors dot com but wondering if there are better options available.

Thank you
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    For instant traffic you are mostly looking at paid traffic, and for that I would use PPC. Try Google Adwords, but also don't forget about Bing/Yahoo advertising as well (you can generally get cheaper clicks and a bit better quality traffic with them).

    Facebook can be another good source of traffic, maybe consider building a Facebook page to advertise?

    I did a little research about revisitors a while ago. Search this forum for them and you will see what people have said. From what I remember, many didn't think they were worth it.


    Have you taken massive action today?

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      Well.. i guess you can write a few articles about the niche you are targeting with keywords in them and send them to ezine articles, i'm not sure but I think you might get free traffic if it get ping by Google and got to the first page of the niche you are targeting... that just what I thought... instant traffic source I think Joel's method is the fastest of all...
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    As was mentioned above, I have always used PPC myself to start with.
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      I'm with the comments above mine, for instant traffic the only source is paid traffic, and that usually means PPC.

      Be careful with PPC though, make sure you build a budgeted campaign or you might end up spending too much.
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    PPc is the fastest but make sure you budget accordingly or you can see spending a lot more than you think. Facebook is a good way because you can really focus on specific targets well.
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    What is your target audience?

    The best traffic is targeted, so for very specific niches blog commenting and forum marketing will get you great traffic which you can then scale.

    If you're sending traffic directly to a squeeze page then you'll need to make sure that you're complient with the terms of the PPC site. For that reason a good banner and social media buying could be better as they're more squeezepage friendly.
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    This is a great Forum, and my first post. I'm pleasantly surprised with all of the helpful comments.

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