Your Favorite PLR packages

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I'm working on quality PLR packages, here's my question: what are your favorite PLR niche topics? This could give all PLR writers a heads up on the forum when posting WSOs
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    My favourite niches for buying PLR in are:

    Whatever I'm working on at the time. I have no interest in PLR material for anything other than what I'm already building a business in. Unfortunately most people creating PLR to sell in the WSO section are just creating whatever they think they can sell rather than actually offering products that they have sold because it was the right product for the market.
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      Andy, it's true. I've seen a dozen PLR article packages on everything under the sun rather than what's right for the moment. For example, many have neglected the fact that living frugal is becoming one of the hottest searches due to the recession and instead focusing on pet insurance and cosmetic surgery (due to the high paying Adsense revenue).

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