Commerical Use vs Non Commercial Use

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Can someone clarify to me what "non commercial" use is.

I was reading up on the rules and laws for Internet Marketers as far as using other peoples photos and how to properly quote and link to other people. Some of what I've read says that some people will allow photos or quotes to be used for "non commercial" use. I understand that Commercial use means for profit.

What I'm trying to clarify is, does it mean I can't be making any kind of profit (google ads, affiliate marketing) thru site/blog at all or I cannot use the photo etc in specific way to create a profit.

Sorry for the rambling.
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    You got it in one. If you are generating any type of profit at all that is considered commercial use.

    Non-commercial use would be projects where no revenue is gathered whatsoever, or at minimum, where a non-profit structure was officially in place. Even then, non-profit organizations are usually considered commercial ventures, but licenses are often discounted.

    If you want to be in the clear on photo use you need "public domain" images, such as those you'll find here: Public Domain Pictures - Free Stock Photos
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    What I'm trying to clarify is, does it mean I can't be making any kind of profit (google ads, affiliate marketing) thru site/blog at all or I cannot use the photo etc in specific way to create a profit.
    Basically you nailed it.

    Non commercial use examples would be things like compiling a small sampling of vacation photos you use to inspire you to take that vacation, or using an image of a dog to make a 'get well' card for a freind, etc.

    As soon as you use the image in a scenario where profit is a motivating factor you need to read the license to see how you can specifically use the image. There is a difference between using an image in your website header versus printing it on thousands of tee shirts or coffee mugs, as examples.

    If your website is just a blog where you don't sell anything you may be fine using a non commercial licensed image. But if that image is on a sales letter you had better understand the license terms.

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      great thanks. That's what I assumed but wanted to be perfectly clear. I don't want to infringe on anyone or get arrested, lol .

      I guess I could always ask for permission if it was something I really wanted to use. I see "mom bloggers" do that a lot.
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