Anybody have a "Buy Now" button on a FaceBook page?

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I didn't think it was possible to put a "Buy Now" button on a FaceBook page, but a little bit of searching has set me straight...

(The uploader comments on that video's YouTube page state that FB now gives you a choice of a "Donate" button and a "Buy Now" button)

I was just wondering whether any Warriors sell directly from FaceBook, and if so, has it been successful?
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    Nobody at all? :confused:
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    FBML allows you to render HTML / XHTML content. You can pretty much do anything with FBML as far as displaying buttons is concerned then.

    Success depends on how much traffic you get to your pages. Visit Ryan Deiss's FB page, he's done some neat work with FBML there but it's not buttons.

    I think it can be very very successful if you can push traffic on FB to your pages. The buttons will only serve their purpose if you jazz up your page and have traffic flowing in

    - Ange
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    Thanks Ange. I've been surprised that FaceBook seems to have been used more as a 'passive' tool by IMers (directing traffic to their own site, ad campaigns) -- hardly anything has been said about actually setting up shop on one of the most valuable web properties on the net...

    But I'll check out Ryan Deiss's FB page. Thanks again.
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    Did you mean like this john
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    Originally Posted by situl View Post

    Did you mean like this john
    YEAH! That's exactly what I meant!

    Thanks for that -- it's very good. It's nice to see an idea in action...
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    Certainly It works. The more attractive the page, the higher the conversion will be.
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    Well, there may not be much space on a FaceBook page for long sales letters, but I thought that other factors would make up for that:
    • The ability to target certain demographics.
    • FB is a "trusted platform" with the FaceBook brand at the top of the page rather than your own "Brand X" identity.
    • Millions are logged into Facebook -- the possibilities for viral marketing are there for the taking, without worrying about Google's "link juice" or keyphrase research.
    Anyway, I'm just thinking aloud...

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